Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jazz Hands

I often wonder if we have a "type". Tall, dark and handsome. Short, custardy and pimply.
Mine is definitely small, reliable and old. It has always worked for me and I have had no reason to deviate - that is until today.
After over ten years together I had to say goodbye to my perfect "type". He was everything I ever needed or desired but then the relationship seemed to spiral out of control.
Reliability became "will he or won't he?" I never seemed to know if he would make it on time, let alone at all. Sure he was still small and old but this suddenly wasn't going to cut it if he couldn't be there if I needed him.
So I did what any other girl would do in the same dilemma. That's right I traded him in for a better model.
Sure it was hard to let him go and I did cry (a little) as I said goodbye but I realised I had a new type.
Tall, dark and handsome came to mind as I walked (in slow-mo) to my new vision.  I gazed over all of his new features that I was going to play with and I inhaled his new scent with glee.
Then I realised that in fact I actually still did have my original type in tact. I realised even though he felt big, he actually was small and as we picked up speed and reached our destination, I knew he would be realiable.
I had to let one thing go though, and that was the age difference. In with the new and out with the old. But hey who doesn't want to be a cougar.