Sunday, January 31, 2010

The two H's

Little heads up. These two words do not go together: hangover and heat.
Drinking beer is always a good idea but drinking many (plus a couple of glasses of champagne) is maybe not so good.
Body was having a great time though and after all the training figured maybe it was time for some fun. Okay it has only been two training sessions but that is two more than we have ever done.
Didn't realise how hot it was when hitting track. Suddenly body and I had an even worse headache, cracked lips, and in desperate need of liquids (even running shoes seemed to be struggling).
Had to suck it up - as professional athlete now.
Had brain wave when drunk (and it wasn't drunken texting) that body felt invincible after a few drinks. Maybe there is something to be said for adding a bit of vodka to water bottle on day of marathon. Sure I will pay for it after the race, but during I won't feel a thing! Important to look at all training methods I say.

(Note to self: must actually start running when training.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Donate now!

Donation page officially up! (Click on Donate now! for direct link)


Okay so a few minor hurdles today (nothing that body and I had to physically jump - thank goodness!)
Firstly, getting up early is just not going to work. There was a unanimous vote from Camp Paula that mornings were, in fact, for quality pyjama time. Running shoes were upset but put in washing machine for therapy session.
Body and I did make it out for last morning training session and goal for today: work out how far 14.6km actually is.
Let me just say the reality of finding this out did not go well for both body and I. Both of us discussed getting in washing machine with running shoes - we also need therapy.
Seriously, this marathon is a LONG way! Considering if I will fit into pram, so someone can push me (are those people crazy? Running a marathon and pushing a pram. Having enough trouble pushing body out the door.)
Maybe can talk to organisers about having a piggy back option.

(Note to self: must get number of best sports psychologist for body, running shoes and I. Daily sessions a MUST.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 1

I thought for my first day of training I would get up early. Seemed better than the evening when I am tired and know I won't want to do anything.
Body and I were still exhausted from last nights "talk." Went better than I thought - at first - then body seemed to grasp full reality of situation and sulked for most of the night. Continued to sulk when alarm went off this morning (I too was sulking, but I seem to be tougher than my body) and there was a great deal of me dragging body out the door. Body is like a two year old sometimes.
Once out the door had no real plan, so decided to walk along footpath and hope it lead to somewhere fun (like OZ or Matt Damon training for his next movie).
Good to be moving after six years of quality time with couch (realise must have "break up talk" with couch. Shame really, best relationship I ever had), body seems to be enjoying the outing also. This marathon stuff doesn't seem too hard. Mind you, no running today just walking. Didn't want body to have a nervous breakdown on first day.
Plan for tomorrow: must work out how far 14.6km is. For some reason that seems like it might be important.

(Note to self: Must stretch before and after training. Legs are having small meltdown and won't move.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well it is official. I am going to run a marathon! Yippee!
Decided to enter myself in the, "I can run, may jog but will probably walk" category.
I figure that way when I see a cute spectator, I have permission to walk over to said cute boy and check out star sign compatibility.
Marathon suddenly looking promising. Must remember to wear nice underwear and get hair done for big day.
Now I have the stressful job of sitting my body down and explaining what I have signed us up for. I imagine there will be tears and maybe a tantrum or two but nothing a large pizza and ice-cream can't fix.
No possible way I can fit in tantrums, tears and training today, so it is decided: training starts tomorrow!
Suddenly need paper bag...can't hyperventilating...

(Note to self: take paper bag to training.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Marathon

So today I notice an ad for a marathon. At first I skip over it, like I normally do with anything relating to exercise, but today something makes me go back to it.
I think to myself, why not? After all I haven't done any form of exercise for six years now, so surely I am in peak physical condition to run a 14.6km marathon. I mean how hard can it really be? People run marathons all the time, if it was too hard no one would do it. Right?
I don't sign myself up for the Run for Kids marathon on the 14th of March immediately (that would be too much pressure), instead I do what any athlete preparing for a marathon does - put on my running shoes. I figure that is a great start to my running regime.
Trouble is, I can't quite remember where my running shoes are and have to pull out everything from my closet to find the damn things. Crisis averted, shoes are found. Now must put them on and start training...only I realise that pulling everything out of my closet was like running a marathon. So congratulate myself on a great first day of training.
Must apply for marathon tomorrow to make it official. Decide sleeping on it is a better idea, just in case I have a nightmare I am Arni in The Running Man and chicken out.