Sunday, August 28, 2011

Growing old

When was the first time you realised you were getting old? Like really old.
I thought it would be when I got married or had kids but given that none of things have happened to me I guess I still feel like I could be in a John Hughes film looking like I was 30 but playing a teenager.
Even with most of my friends now up to their second marriages or multiple kids I still didn't feel old.
I got to leave it all behind, come home and curl up watching Dawson's Creek with no one interrupting me as I pretended I was still going to be like Joey when I "grew up". (Well maybe not marry Tom Cruise but Pacey would have done just fine thank you).
Yet today was when all of that changed and I came to the startling realisation that I was getting old...when I looked down at my belly, then around at my ass and finally at my boobs and to my shock (and pure wonderment) I realised that everything on my body was packing up and moving down south.
Now I am not talking about moving down south for the winter but permanently. Imagine that. Sure maybe it had a lot to do with pizza and not being old but I knew it was coming.
Push up bras, SPANX and Yentl style wrappings might have to be on the shopping list as an incentive to certain parts of my body not running away forever.
I also went out and cut my fringe like Rory from Gilmore Girls (Series 6). She looks young...yes, maybe because she is young, very young in fact but a girl has to start somewhere.
I would like to announce that I look nothing like Rory and my body parts are having a garage sale next weekend if you need anything.