Monday, April 16, 2012

Flirting Twitter style

So last night I tweeted about my ass. A fairly stock standard tweet for me. Talking about my ass having a life of its' own is like me talking about pyjamas and pizza and Adrien Brody: obsessive.
So little did I know that my ass would attract not just one but many new followers and then an unexpected request. It's there on public display for all the world to see.
One no longer needs to fill out forms on eHarmony and have a match and flirt in private. Oh no. All you need to do is read my Twitter intro and it must be love. That and we can openly talk about my ass. Not that you can see my ass on Twitter mind you.
(And yes my ass is slightly chuffed about all the attention, so much so I had a request for a trailer today.)
So my tweet last night was:
If I had to do "the twirl" for best dressed at the Logies my dress would go one way and my ass would go the other. 
To which I had the reply:
 I think you ass is quite nice, I'd love to see you do a "twirl" ;)
So I politely replied:
Cheers! My ass will be stoked! :)
And then came the tweet that my ass had been waiting for:
 My pleasure, perhaps I could take you & your nice ass out for a beer, and a pizza sometime ?
So while my ass is busy flirting and looking for Vera Wang dresses online, I am busy wondering what the hell do you do next?
I mean can you really take someone seriously when part of their Twitter handle is Shagger?
Although he did offer me beer AND pizza.
Should I maybe check if he likes horror movies? Pyjamas? Adrien Brody?
Too much?
And the big question is how does he know what my ass looks like? Do I know him?
Or maybe my ass is posting those pictures again.
Damn thought I'd removed all of them.

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