Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crushing it.

Whilst waiting in line for a bus to Sydney recently, I noticed a guy behind me that was really cute. I hoped he would sit near me so I could perv on him for the three hours the trip took.
Sure enough he did, in the seat in front of me.
As he sat down, he gave me a smile and I smiled back. Of course I was eating something at the time and knew it was all over my teeth. No matter.
This was a new year and such trivial nonsense could be overlooked.
As the bus took off, I looked at the back of his head and neck as he leaned against the window. I imagined us striking up a conversation, falling madly in love and going off to Bali where (in this fantasy) I looked amazing in a bikini.
No doubt about it, another "Paula crush" was in full force.
That was until mid way through the trip when he started picking at his ear wax and then I noticed he was eating it.
Let's just say I am not going to Bali anytime soon.
So it got me to thinking, no not about ear wax (although I did try a bit and didn't see the appeal) but about crushes and how easily I seem to have them.
I did a bit of googling on the matter and found that due to chemical triggers (don't ask me to name any, do your own googling) when you have a crush it is like taking drugs, giving you your own natural high.
I wondered if google had in fact confused crushes for pizza, which has a similar effect on me.
As quickly as I have a crush (or eat a pizza) the crush is just as quickly over - ear wax does not always need to be an issue for me to sway. I guess I am always looking for my next "high".
For me I think crushes are good things.
You see, I very rarely act on them (translate: go in for the pash even if I haven't spoken to the guy yet) and in turn life is good, because I don't embarrass myself with whatever crap it is that I inevitably end up doing when I like someone (translate: falling down the stairs because I thought there was a chair there when I went to sit down and not only did he see but all of his mates did too and to top it off my dress ends up over my head and I have my Wonder Woman Halloween costume on underneath because it makes me feel powerful).
So you can see why I love crushes so much, because none of those crazy things would happen if I only had a crush on someone because, like I said, I never act on them and instead just silently buzz on all the  chemicals running through my veins.
Okay I lied.
I am completely psychotic all of the time.

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